Thought Garden

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Info: This game was made with love, its hope is to empower you to fight those negative, automatic thoughts that make you feel bad. Come here catch those thought monsters that are too fast to catch alone. This ‘Thought Garden’ is a representation of your mind. Dump them all here and they turn into little pests you can catch and change. I was surprised at how well this works, it really helps me and I use it regularly. Give it a chance, if this game helps you, my struggle to create it was worth it. Share the link with someone you think would benefit. Someone who is having a hard time at the moment.

How to Play: (You must be on a computer, works best with a mouse)

  1. Type a negative thought that is in your head right now!
  2. Press enter on your keyboard or click extract.
  3. Repeat steps 1 and 2 until you run out of negative thoughts.
  4. If you want to start fresh you can press the ‘delete all thoughts’ button
  5. Press ‘done’ to travel to your Thought Garden.
  6. Now your negative thoughts are little blue thought monsters destroying your garden!
  7. Click on the ground to move to that location.
  8. Explore the garden until you find one, then click really fast to chase the thought monster.
  9. Once you have caught it, now it’s time to change the thought attack it uses to make you feel bad.
  10. You must come up with reasons why it is wrong and replace it with an alternative thought at the end.
  11. If you want to go add more thoughts wait for the intro sequence to finish and click ‘press here to exit’
  12. Hope this helps you as it helped me!

I’d love your feedback as well, I am all ears for constructive feedback or success stories! Write it in the submission form below:


2D Game Assets

  3. cute clipart PNG Designed By 588ku from

Thanks to:

  1. BornCG, for awesome Godot youtube tutorials:
  2. jmbiv, for his great text adventure game tutorial:

*This game was made with Godot, an amazing, free, open-source game engine. Check it out at*